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Welcome to our Percentage Calculator - free online tool based on a simple algorithm that helps in calculating percentages in an easy and quick way. It is an extremely useful tool that will certainly facilitate you to make both simple and slightly more complicated calculations, so useful in everyday life. Thanks to our tool, you will be able to determine what percentage of funds collected in a given month should be allocated to income tax, to what extent the rate of purchased securities has increased or decreased, or whether the short-term deposit chosen by you will be favorable. The above examples of using our program are only our suggestions. It's up to you how to use the currency calculator available from our website. It can be used to check, after purchases, what part of the basic amount for a given product we saved thanks to discounts or obtained discounts. Women will be pleased to show their friends and partner the savings they have made when purchasing a dress or shoes from the latest collection sale, which price has been reduced by, for example, 10 or 20%. Using this percentage calculator you can resolve different types of issues: find percentage of a number; calculate X as a percent of Y; percentage increase/decrease; substracting and adding percentages. The website can be operated by mouse or keyboard: use tab to move to the next field, use shift-tab to move to the previous field, press enter to calculate.


Before presenting the methods of calculating percentages, it is worth to know what is the percentage. In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It comes from the Italian term "per cento", which means "for a hundred". It is often denoted using the percent sign, "%", or the abbreviations "pct." or "pct". It's the symbol used to indicate a percentage, a number or ratio as a fraction of 100. Genesis of this symbol is not clear, but there's the history that Italian bankers word "cento" shortened to "cto", which when writing very quickly became similar to "o / o" and, consequently, to the known sign "%".


Percentages are an important element of everyday life. Looking around carefully, we will quickly see or hear the word "percent". The most popular association is interest on loans granted, which have been known since the earliest times. At present, it is difficult to imagine life without percentages, whether at home, at school, in a bank or shop. The applications of the percentages are mainly: describe the composition of food or other products such as clothing, the composition of drugs and supplements, deposits and bank loans, to signal price reductions and increases, are used to describe statistics, attendance (eg at school or work), taxes, additional costs (eg inflation). The word "percent" is also often used in popular phrases and expressions such as "I agree with you one hundred percent", which means that we share the same opinion with somebody. Therefore, our website gives you not only a purely analytical tool, which will enjoy interest only among representatives of the financial sector preparing reports, collation and statistical analyzes on a daily basis. By introducing clear explanations of each function, along with short text examples showing how to use a specific calculator in practice, we aimed to ensure not only the maximum transparency of the tool mentioned, but also to encourage its regular use of as many people as possible. We plan to further expand the functionality of our calculator. At the moment, with his help you can: calculate the percentage of a given number, determine what percentage of one number is the second number, estimate the percentage increase of a certain value, as well as subtract or add a certain percentage to the initial sum. We hope that the use of a mathematical tool prepared especially for you will be as intuitive and pleasant as possible. In case of any questions or doubts we encourage you to contact the administrators.


Percentages give the possibility to easily express the size of a given number in relation to another number. They are most often used to write numbers that range from 0 to 1. The percentage during multiplication and division behaves like a real number (0.01). To illustrate this situation, we present an example: an increase or decrease in a given "X" by 7% does not mean adding or subtracting the real number 0.07, and 7 hundredth values of the previous number. 0.07 should be multiplied by the number "X". We remind you that, according to a mathematical point of view, at the time of 100% multiplication, it is the same as multiplication by 1. When we want to correctly calculate the percentage of a given number, multiply the percentage given. Remember to convert the percentage to a fraction before starting the task. Our Percentage Calculator Online is where you will find a collection of the most necessary formulas needed to carry out significant calculations together with explanations regarding their practical application. Especially for you, we have prepared formulas, most often used by clients of banks, loan companies, investors and simple all the people who need little support when estimating the funds available to the household. Probably many times you have heard the question: "What can mathematics be useful in?" - we assure you, that in its basic form, it is one of the most important fields of science that accompanies us almost at every step. Let's take the simplest example - we want to buy our son or doughter a modern phone for a birthday. We found out from advertising leaflets that its initial price was 1000 USD. However, due to the organized sale, the price dropped by 35%. So how do you calculate how much you will pay for the purchase made during the sale? The easiest way to check this is with our percentage calculator! Thanks to our tool, the math will become not only easy but also enjoyable.